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Tag (Atlantic Canada)

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About Tag (Atlantic Canada)

  • Game Type:Number
  • Days Drawn: Saturday , Sunday , Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday , Friday , Saturday
  • Participating States:New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island

How to Play Tag (Atlantic Canada)

Play Tag as an add-on game to 6/49, Atlantic 49, Bucko, Lotto Max, Keno Atlantic, Salsa Bingo, and PIK 4. TAG numbers are always lottery computer-generated for you.

You can play Tag up to 10 times on each ticket, each line costing $1.

Win by:

matching your 6 digit Tag number exactly to the randomly-generated 6 in the particular game draw you've chose to add on the Tag game

match the last 5 digits exactly

match the last 4 digits exactly

match the last 3 digits exactly

match the last 2 digits exactly

match the last digit exactly